Backgammon Companies Worldwide

Backgammon players were probably excited when they found out that there are backgammon companies to support their interest in such casino game. Backgammon companies do not merely manufacture or sell backgammon game tables or backgammon game sets. They also sell other products that are related to backgammon, such as backgammon books, backgammon magazines, and others. What's good about all this is that backgammon companies exist in all parts of the world, making it convenient for consumers to buy any backgammon-related item anywhere they may be. Let's talk about some of these backgammon companies.

In Denmark, a shop called The Backgammon Shop exists. Of course, this backgammon company sells dice, backgammon game sets, and backgammon game equipment. But apart from all that, The Backgammon Shop also sells backgammon books, backgammon software, and other backgammon items. And what players might like about this shop is that it sells products for low prices. Players may check out its Web site at They may place their orders through the Internet too!

Carol Joy Cole is also a backgammon company but this one is based in the United States. The owner of this shop is, who else, but a female backgammon enthusiast named Carol Joy Cole. In her shop, consumers will also see different books about backgammon and different types of backgammon equipment. Moreover, Cole publishes and sells in her shop the backgammon newsletter titled "Flint Area BackgammoNews." This newsletter contains schedules of backgammon events, results of backgammon tournaments, reviews on backgammon books, and problems encountered by backgammon players during a game. It is published on a monthly basis.

If consumers are looking for backgammon game sets that are artistically designed, then we recommend you to visit the backgammon company called Backgammon Boards of Beauty. It offers backgammon sets in a variety of themes to entice customers. It also offers other kinds of backgammon items. Visit its Web site as it features not only the items it sells, but it also educates people about the history of traditional games, events related to the FIBS Worldwide Online Tournament, the British Isles Backgammon Association, and many others.

Brazilian backgammon players and players who are in Brazil for a backgammon event may visit the backgammon company called Gamão e Acessórios. This company sells backgammon boards and other backgammon gaming equipment that are of good quality.

There are many other backgammon companies existing all over the world. There are backgammon companies in Great Britain, in Greece, and other countries. This just goes to show that backgammon has been gaining international popularity.