How to Find Backgammon Replacement Pieces

Backgammon is an interesting game to play and one may have had a cherished set throughout the years. Yet, like any other board game, we'll one day find that a checker or two, or some other piece is missing. Well, a backgammon game will have many small pieces that may get lost as we pack it up after having fun with it. It is interesting to note that if you do lose a piece or two that you don't have to throw the game away and just buy a new one, you can find replacement pieces for your game.

If ever we want to look for replacement pieces for your set here's what we're going to need: phonebook, a phone, probably a fax machine (if one is available), a computer with Internet access, stamps, an envelope, and a sheet of paper. Now here's what we need to do in order to get replacement pieces for your backgammon set.

Grab your phonebook and look up several backgammon game manufacturers or stores. Some stores do have backgammon replacement pieces on sale. If you don't have a sufficient list of manufacturers in your phonebook or none of them has replacement pieces then you can check the Internet and make a search for backgammon replacement pieces.

You'll then be able to find manufacturers or stores that have replacement pieces. If the store or manufacturer has a phone number listed on their web site then you should rather call them so you can speak with a sales representative or customer service representative and get things in proper order.

Remember that when you get a hold of a store representative you should specify exactly which parts you need. Remember to be specific on what color it should come in and how many do you need. One more thing, never forget to ask how much would the replacement pieces cost. Since you've asked about the cost of the replacement pieces ask the rep to specify if that cost includes shipping and ask the rep to quote the exact cost with the shipping costs. Don't forget to ask how long will it take for the backgammon store to ship your order.

If you don't want to speak with a sales rep then you can just check out the backgammon manufacturer's web site for an order form. You'll be required to fill one out and wait for a response regarding your order. If you don't like the price, another good place to check will be online auction sites where you might find better deals.

Who would want to throw a cherished backgammon set? All you have to do is get replacement pieces then you can enjoy the old game again.