Make the Right Opening Moves in Backgammon

In every form of competition it is important to get a jump on the rival, as it allows you to plot your strategies and also provides you with a psychological edge. When it comes to Backgammon opening moves, there are several tactics you can avail of.

The first thing a player must realize is that he will not always get the big number dice roll in the opening, and even if he does, he should know what to do with it. Even so called small or "bad rolls", properly handled, can make for effective Backgammon opening moves.

For instance, if you get a 3-1, the best, in fact, the only move you should make is to get to the 5 point. This is one of the most crucial spots on the board, so anytime you can get a chance to occupy it, do so.

If your dice rolls turn up a 6-1, a good Backgammon strategy would be to get to the 7 point. You will want to occupy this spot for two reasons: one it is very strategic, like the 5 point, and will come into play later on in the game. Secondly, in the early goings, any moves with a 6-1 could endanger your checkers.

Let us take a look at some other possible Backgammon opening rolls. A 4-2 will give several possible moves, but the one that most experts recommend is the 4 spot. With a low number roll like 2-1 the best that you can do is to move your pieces in the 23 and 24, and another piece forward.

Your options with a 3-2 are similar to a 21, except it will allow you to advance your piece from the middle point. With a 4-1 the most efficient Backgammon strategy would be to grab the 5 spot, if you have not done so yet.

A dice roll of 5-1 gives you the chance to move your checkers in the 23 and 24 positions and move another piece downwards. With a 6-5 or 6-4 the best option is to move your checker all the way.

There are obviously, endless combinations that a Backgammon player can use, but those outlined above are not just some of the most common, but also well tested in tournament plays and matches, and proven effective. Of course, if you become well versed in the game, do not hesitate to modify these tactics.

There will be times of course, when even the best Backgammon opening moves will be stymied because your opponent might get a bigger roll. In this case, you should not abandon you strategy, and instead remain focused.

Opening moves are vital, especially for a new player, as it sets the tone for the rest of the game. By using the best possible moves in Backgammon, you will be able to make headway eagerly and befuddle your opponent. Take the time to learn as many of these moves as you can, and you will win.